Еп.1: Въведение


• История - 1998 Март, BW – 1998 Ноември, Remastered – 2017 Юли
Състезателен гейминг  
- Корея, KeSPA, Boxer, WCG
-- Чужденците в Kорея
--- Elky & Grrr...
--- Legionnaire, Rekrul, Assem
--- Pj, LX, Draco and Idra + NonY (Gom)
-- Чужденците извън Корея  
--- FiSheYe, Android, Mondragon, Testie, Beast, Didi8, Lamer  
• Replays – как се промени знанието за играта с появата им
• Раси  
- Особености - силни и слаби страни на трите раси
- Особености - карти  

Психологическа нагласа

  1. Поза на тялото - двата крака на земята, изправено тяло
  2. Спокойствие - не бъди юмрук, необходима е добра стойка. Дишане.
  3. Концентрация - когато загубиш цел в играта се върни в базата и си направи макрото.
  4. Намерение - какво искаш да постигнеш в играта която ще изиграеш - тренировка, забавление?
  5. Мотивация - Мотивация когато играеш слабият си матчъп, мотивация когато си в губеща серия
  6. Gameface - ритуалът в StarCraft е да напишеш в началото на играта glhf
  7. Увереност - малко или много е нормално наистина добрите играчи да имат доза арогантност в себе си. Не само да можеш да направиш нещо, но и уверено да знаеш, че можеш.
  8. Гарантирай си победата - подготовка за мачът. Натрупвай преднина, не прибързвай!  
  9. Еволюция - експериментирай. Бъди готов да променяш стратегиите си и начина по който играеш, по-приспособимите продължават по-напред.  

Видове ресурси

  • Минерали
  • Газ
  • време

Основна терминология

  • All-in - Describes a highly risky strategy. If the strategy fails, the game is almost certainly lost.
  • APM - Short for "Actions Per Minute".
  • Bio/Biological - Refers to any unit with the attribute "biological".
  • Cheese - Refers to unconventional strategies. Theoretically, cheese also includes All-in strategies.
  • Choke (Point) - Refers to a terrain features, which funnels incoming ground units.
  • Cloning - Refers to the initial split of the four workers to four different Mineral patches.
  • Contain - A contain describes a strategy, in which one player positions units near important parts of the map
  • Drop
  • Doom Drop - Describes a large drop.  
  • Economy, Eco - Refers to the potential of a player's income. Usually used to describe whether or not a player gains much or very low money.  
  • Elevator - Refers to a strategical move. Usually a Drop Ship, Overlord or Shuttle are used to transfer ground units in early stages of the game into the opponents base, while bypassing fortified choke points.
  • Fast Expansion (FE) - Describes a type of Build Order. A Fast Expansion refers to "fast expanding" in the own Natural Expansion by building a Command Center, Hatchery or Nexus there.  
  • Harassment (Harass) - Harass or Harassment is the act of using a small number of units, usually with superior mobility, to cause damage to the enemy without a large engagement.  
  • Manner Pylon - Describes a Pylon purposefully built close to an opponent's mineral line.  
  • Mechanical (Units) - An attribute of Terran units, describes units built in the Factory and the Star Port. Rarely used to refer non-biological units of Protoss.
  • Meta game Commonly refers to current strategy shifts and the most popular strategies chosen by players. However, it can also refer to "mind games" or decisions done by players within a best of series against the same opponent.
  • Natural Expansion - Base with Minerals and usually one Vespine Geyser closest to a player's starting position.
  • Proxy (Buildings, Strategy) - Proxy derives from "in proximity to". Usually describes a highly risky strategy, for which one player builds constructions outside of the own base. However, in contrast to "hidden tech" strategies, these buildings are used to train units directly.
  • Push - Term usually referring to any kind of large attack or bigger army movement. Originally used to describe the first attack of a Terran, which ends in either a game winning battle or the setup of a contain.
  • Rush (strategy) - A rush strategy can be seen as opposite to the Fast Expansion Build Orders. Units are trained early on and used to pressure or defeat the opponent within the first minutes of a game.
  • Scouting - Movement of units done in order to obtain information. Scouting is done throughout the entire game.
  • Splitting - In a more common sense Splitting is equal to cloning. However, units can be splitted in different scenarios as well, mostly in order to avoid suffering from Area of Effect / Splash damage. Examples would include Mutalisks being unstacked after they were irradiated.
  • Smurf - Smurf describes an unknown alias of a player. Creating alternate IDs is done in order to disguise the true identity of a player.
  • Tech Switch - Describes a strategical move. Usually refers to situation in which one player prepares and executes to train different units.
  • Timing (Window) - Describes a strategical concept. A player follows a Build Order to be able to train a special unit combination, expand or execute an attack at a preset time. The preset time depends on the game flow itself. The "best" time to hit a vulnerable opponent or to expand is usually described with the term "Timing Window". In a more abstract thought "Timing Window" can refer to any kind of situation in which a strategy can be used at maximum efficiency
  • Total Recall - You glitch out units so they kind of vortex around each other and overlap. You can then recall this mass of units completely unstacked and organized. This can allow a player to recall many more units than normally allowed.
  • Turtle (Style) - Refers to a very passive player not attacking for a long time.
  • Walling (-wall) - Describes the placement of buildings, which create a physical obstacle and prohibit ground units from passing through them. Mostly done by Terran and Zerg, but also by Protoss via "Pylon Walls".

Клавиатури, мишки и друга периферия

Какви трябва да бъдат мишките

  • Леки
  • Висок DPI
  • Да се използва ниско sensitivity - по-добър контрол, но по-изморително

Механични срещу традиционни клавиатури

  • Препоръчвам марки: DAS, Filco, Logitech

Бънджи за мишка


  • Speed vs control (избери speed!)

Излъчвани материали:


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Kiroff vs tapoto_kopele - https://drive.google.com/open?id=148808vwfxRqnQFaWrJk9ZDp3pWqyxY59
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https://www.facebook.com/metagamesystem/ - Грижа за здравето на геймъра
Изчерпателна статия с умствени стратегии взаимствани предимно от шаха - https://tl.net/forum/brood-war/95401-guide-mindcontrol-mental-strategies-for-sc
Лист с терминологията в StarCraft - https://liquipedia.net/starcraft/Definitions